We purchased our first purebred registered Kiko
goats in 2009 and have been breeding them ever

Kikos are a hardy self sufficient breed from the
Mountains of New Zealand, they need less
maintenance than other breeds of goats. They
require minimal wormings and rarely need their
hooves trimmed. Kiko does are excellent
mothers known for their ease of kidding. Kiko kids
are small at birth but alert within minutes, they gain
weight rapidly and are very early maturing.

All of our goats have been purchased from
breeders with healthy herds that were tested
Johne's, CAE and CL negative. We run a closed
herd and they are all current on their CD/T

We strive to produce goats that successfully
represent this exceptional breed. In summary,
Kiko goats need less wormings, less hoof
trimmings, have fewer disease, respiratory &
kidding problems, they grow rapidly, have sound
feet, are very parasite resistant and need minimal
intervention input.

All of our goats are registered with the American
Kiko Goat Association (AKGA) and some are
dual reg with the National Kiko Registry (NKR).
The AKGA requires DNA testing on every goat
so you can be assured the bloodlines are as
correct as possible.

We offer high quality, well bred registered goats
for sale at very affordable prices, we will sell the
goats unregistered as well.
Check our "Goats For Sale" page for availability

We are members of the "AKGA" American Kiko Goat
association and the "NKR" National Kiko Registry
Ione A Dream (IAD)
AKGA & NKR Kiko Meat Goats
100% New Zealand ancestry

IAD Ranch Properties
Castle Rock, Washington
Ione, Oregon

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