All of our Kiko goats are located in Castle Rock, Washington

We decided years ago to buy goats to rid our property of the invading weeds and brush (we got tired
of spraying with chemicals several times a year). After much research we found the Kiko breed and
were immediately intrigued by them. We purchased our first purebred registered Kiko in 2009 and
have been breeding them ever since. Kikos are a hardy self sufficient breed from the Mountains of
New Zealand, they need less maintenance than other breeds of goats. They require minimal
wormings and rarely need their hooves trimmed. Kiko does are excellent mothers known for their
ease of kidding. Kiko kids are small at birth but alert within minutes, they gain weight rapidly and
are very early maturing. Kiko's need minimal supplemental feeding, often doing very well on range
forage alone. Kikos are an exceptionally tough breed of meat goat that don't require a shelter
(although they do seem to appreciate one). Kiko's are exceptional browsers and do well on all types of
forage. Cattle & horse ranchers often rotate their pastures with Kiko goats to clean up the weeds that
other animals won't eat. Kiko's have straight or dished profiles and medium sized ears. The bucks
have stunning horns that sweep back & outward.

All of our goats have been purchased from breeders with healthy herds that were tested CAE and CL
negative. We run a closed herd and they are all current on their CD/T vaccinations. Our goats are on
pasture in the spring, summer and early fall, the fields consist of grass meadows, wooded areas and
brush covered hillsides. with a year round creek. We supplement them with alfalfa (that we harvest
ourselves on our Ranch in eastern Oregon) and oat/pea hay during the winter. We run a small select,
quality group of AKGA & NKR registered 100% New Zealand ancestry registered Kiko's of
outstanding bloodlines, good dispositions and correct conformation. We offer a few registered kids for
sale every year. The low maintenance & hardiness of the tough Kiko breed is perfect for us. Our goats
are well suited as breeding stock, pack goats, pets, foragers and/or meat production. We feel that
overall the Kiko breed outperforms every other breed of meat goat. We are concentrating on breeding
Kikos that have lots of color, are meaty fast growers and possess good temperaments. We strive to
produce goats that successfully represent this exceptional breed. In summary, Kiko goats need less
wormings, less hoof trimmings, have fewer disease, respiratory & kidding problems, they grow
rapidly, have sound feet, are very parasite resistant and need minimal intervention input.

Our goats are all dual registered with the American Kiko Goat Association (AKGA) and the National
Kiko Registry (NKR). The AKGA requires DNA testing on every purebred and 100% New Zealand so
you can be assured that every goats parentage is as correct as possible.

We offer high quality, well bred registered goats for sale at very affordable prices, we will sell the
goats unregistered as well.
Check our "Goats For Sale" page for availability

We are members of the "AKGA" American Kiko Goat association and the "NKR" National Kiko Registry
Ione A Dream (IAD)
AKGA & NKR Kiko Meat Goats
100% New Zealand ancestry

AKC German Shepherds

IAD Ranch Properties
Castle Rock, Washington
Ione, Oregon

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Why we chose the Kiko breed & reasons why you should consider them too:

Less maintenance than other breeds resulting in less time and imput needed from owner

Aggressive foragers, needing little or no shelter, excellent free range goats

Kids that are small at birth but are fast-growing and vigorous

Parasite tolerant, which means few or no wormings required

Maternal instincts that are exceptional, it is rare for a Kiko doe to have trouble kidding

Few if any hoof trimmings needed, hoof problems are rare even in our wet Pacific Northwest climate

Kiko are long lived fertile goats that tend to produce longer than other breeds

Kiko's possess valuable traits for commercial meat production

Kiko goats have thinner bones & better bone to meat ratio than a Boer, it has been reported that a
Kiko will yield more meat than a Boer of the same live weight.

Our goats are handled daily, they bed in the barn every night. We try to
imprint the every kid at birth so they will be more trusting of people.
MEW Sir Snickers
AKGA reg Kiko
Our 1st Kiko buck.
Spectacular grey coloring & a
perfect disposition, he was the
total package!
Reg 100% New Zealand goats in Washington State

Bachneusohn AKC German Shepherds

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Kiko Goats make wonderful pack animals

The two wethers, Bear and Jaxon, pictured below were purchased from us in March 2017 to be trained as pack goats.
They went on their first hunting trip this fall. Both wethers are sired by JCP Tejas Bandito, IAD Bear is out of MEW Stella
and IAD Jaxon is out of MEW Twizel. Thanks so much Joe for the great pictures, we look forward to hearing about many
more hunting and camping trips with these boys. Update, these goats have packed out their 1st bear and did a fabulous job!
IAD Haylee
6 month old NZ Kiko doe