Our Ranch in Eastern Oregon

Our main residence is in the thickly wooded, tall timbered lands of Western
Wahington but we also love wide open country. So about 20 years ago we
purchased a sage covered high desert ranch located at the foothills of the
majestic Blue Mountains in Eastern Oregon. It is loaded with various wildlife,
magnificent scenery and night skies filled with millions of bright stars. It is
our "get away from it all", and we look forward to coming over as often as
possible to this quiet, peaceful place where traffic jams and time tables are
Filling one of the "Wildlife
Guzzler" water tanks
Gated entrance into the Ranch
10' tall alumium statue of a rearing
horse set into the rimrocks behind
the Ranchhouse
Mowing the alfalfa
The rangeland consists varieties of native, wild bunchgrasses in sagebrush covered draws, CRP fields and rock outcroppings. It is home to many species of wildlife.
Carlee & Toby on 4 wheelers
Chris, Kelli, Cameron, and
Kasey four wheeling
Some of the Mule Deer on our Ranch Property
Curious bucks checking
out our horse statue.
Vicki 4-wheeling in a snowstorm
A coyote on the bluffs
behind the ranchhouse
Cameron helping Tom with
some cat work
Tom and Cameron on "Jaws" the
Ranch tractor
Mowing one of the alfalfa fields
Ranch driveway
The shop and alfalfa field
Havesting the alfalfa..... We are all automated now. After baling we push the hay bales into groups of eight by using forks on the front of our four wheelers. The
bales are then picked up by a grapple on the tractor and loaded onto the flatbed. No wrestling bales by hand anymore.
Having fun riding in the Polaris
ranger also know as the "little
green truck".
This fawn was hiding in the alfalfa & we
rescued it before it got injured by the
mower. It was reunited with its mother &
is doing fine!
All photo's were taken on our private Ranch. The wildlife enjoys it as much as we do!