Siverudd's Blue Chickens
Formerly known as "Isbar" (Pronounced "Ice Bar") Their name
has been
officially changed to "Silverudd's Blue"
Silverudd's Blue chickens were developed by the Swedish
Monk, Martin Silverudd. They are still fairly rare in the U.S.
and were 1st imported in 2012. Swedish bred Silverudd's Blues
are a cold-hardy (they also tolerate heat very well) medium
sized breed which produce approx. 220 eggs per year. They
lay a beautiful large egg in shades of green, from a light mint
to a deep dark gold green. the eggs can be with or without
spots. Several of our hens lay a dark green egg with spots.
They out lay most breeds of chickens and continue to give us
eggs right through even the coldest of winters. Silverudd's Blue
chickens come in three colors, blue, splash and black. They are
the only single combed green egg laying breed known.
Silverudd's Blues are exceptionally healthy, hardy chickens
and are excellent free range birds. After raising them for many
years they have more than proven their worth to us and are by
far our favorite breed of chicken. In our opinion they are a
wonderful breed, with gorgeous big green eggs. excellent
longevity and they are remarkably healthy birds.

We got our start in Silverudd's by purchasing eggs (that we
hatched in our incubator) from Candi Johnson in Oregon, then
we bought 4 unrelated hens and a rooster, we named Cecil
from Megan in Olympia, next we added more new bloodlines
by purchasing chicks from Waltz Ark Ranch in Colorado.
Recently we have ordered a new bloodline of Siverudd's Blue
chicks from Feather Lovers Farm to cross with our existing
flock. We kept one rooster from this group of chicks and named
him River, now he has has a few hens of this own.

Our Blue's are gentle chickens with the roosters being mild
mannered and non-aggresive. Below are pictures of some of
our purebred Siverudd's Blue hens. Cecil our blue rooster was
unfortunaly killed by a raccoon a few years ago. Cecil's son,
our dark blue rooster "Ocean" is now "Head Honcho" around
here with River purchased from FLF being the "Jr. Rooster".
Silverudd's Blue Rooster
Silverudd's Blue Rooster, he is the
only roo we kept from a group of
chicks we ordered from Feather
Lovers Farm.
"Rosenberg" one of our splash
hens with her clutch of purebred
Isbar chicks
Blue Hen
Blue Hen
Splash Hen
Splash Hen
Black Isbar Hen
Light Blue Hen
Silverudd's Blue eggs
Dark Blue Hen
Silverudd's Blue Rooster
Four more of our Silverudd's Blue (Isbar) hens.
"Ocean" with a few of
our young hens