Our two young 100% New Zealand ancestry bucks are both dual registered in the
AKGA and NKR Registries. These bucks will be the sires of our 2021 NZ ancestry Kiko
kid crop. We feel confident that these two young bucks will sire some impressive kids
with excellent growth and good color.
Big N Rich is our pick of this years home grown
kid crop, he is the only buck that we decided to
keep. We feel that he has a lot of potential and
we want to see how he will develop as he
matures and also see what he will produce. Rich
has a long back and has a lot of leg under him.
He is a triplet and his dam naturally raised all
three kids on forage and hay alone. He competed
with his two other litter mates for milk and still
impressed us with his outstanding growth. He
also has a calm, easy going temperament which
is very important to us. He will be bred with
several of our NZ does later this fall. We are
hoping that he will pass on some flashy coloring
and strong growth traits to his kids.

Rich is a triplet
Birth weight: 8.9#
19 day weight: 19.7# for a ADG of .5684
44 day weight: 34.4# for a ADG of .5795
58 day weight: 43# for a ADG of .5879
80 day weight: 58.1# for a ADG of .6150
90 day weight: 68.8# for a ADG of .6655
120 day weight: 78# for a ADG of .575
150 day weight: 88.7# for an ADG of .538
175 day weight: 103# for an ADG of .537

Tejas Pistolero came to us from the J&A Ranch in
Tennyson, Texas. John picked him out from his this
years kid crop for us as a buck with the potential to
be a superior herd sire. His growth so far is
impressive. Plus he brings new genetics of the
"Tough's Boy" line to the Pacific Northwest. Pistol
lost his dam at 78 days of age so was weaned
earlier than we would have liked but is still
exhibiting good growth. Pistol has dark
pigmentation and hard black hooves along with
excellent conformation. Pistol has an great
disposition which we absolutely require in a buck.
We run a closed herd so every new goat we bring in
must be disease tested and Pistolero was no
exception. He has tested clean and will be bred to
several of our NZ does later this fall.

Pistol is a twin.
Birth weight 8#
21 day weight was 20# for a ADG of .5714
78 day weight: 57.8# for a ADG of .6384
90 day weight: 64# for a ADG of .6222
120 day weight: 74# for a ADG of .555
150 day weight: 91.2 for an ADG of .554
178 day weight: 108# for an ADG of .561
IAD Big N Rich
JCP Tejas Pistolero
JCP Tejas Pistolero
AKGA && NKR registered
100% NZ ancestry
Kidded 02/23/2020
DNA verified
IAD Big N Rich
AKGA & NKR registered
100% NZ ancestry
Kidded 02/26/2020
DNA verified
Does turned in with Rich:

IAD Abigale
IAD Choc Ola
Does turned in with Pistol:

JCP Anna Bell
Mew Ja Mocha
JCP Arial
IAD Chocolate Truffle
IAD Little Lulu
IAD Escarlata