Contact us at: call or text us at: 360-749-4767

Ione A Dream (IAD) Ranch Properties, Castle Rock, Washington
All of our kids are either registered or eligible for registration in the American Kiko Goat Association (AKGA) and/or the National Kiko Registry (NKR). They all
are ear tagged & tattooed by weaning, some will already be registered with the AKGA and NKR. All of our Kikos are DNA verified & registered 100% New
Zealand ancestry. We ask for a non-refunable $50 deposit to hold any goat (refundable if the goat is not in good health at transaction & exchange). Our goats
run with LGD's, so are socialized to living with dogs. We will sell all bucklings with or without AKGA registration. We will also band and sell bucklings as
wethers for pets and brush eaters

WE ACCEPT PAYPAL and Personal checks
We offer high quality Kiko goats with excellent bloodlines, good growth rates &
correct conformation. They will be a great addition to anyones herd.
We participate in the Govt. Scrapies program.

Our does are on hay and pasture, no grain or other supplements other than a mineral block and salt. We are striving to produce superior
growth with lots of color!
Sorry we are sold out for 2020.
We will have more NZ Kiko kids in the spring of 2021