Our AKGA Kiko Does
Our AKGA registered 100% New Zealand Kiko does are all DNA Verified and
have pedigrees boasting the bloodlines of, HKF Conan, COO Iron
Horse,Boulder Hills P19,Goatex Goliath, Waysu Goliah's Genie, Eastex Zeus,
Rainbow's Rio Grande, Goldmine's Heritage, Tay Onyx, Sunboy Waco, Sunboy
Rotan, Tazman Zorro, GFI Rolling Meadows 81, BBM Nick's, Tay M22,
Hemp's Golden Boy, Tay Joseph, HKF Warrior's Son, Sasquatch, TNT Golden
Rule,CPK 5 Hondo
All of our does are registered with the American Kiko Goat Association
AKGA Registered 100% New Zealand ancestry Kiko does:
Red Doe
JCP Arial
AKGA registered
100% NZ ancestry
Kidded 06-23-2016
DNA verified
Arial came to us from Texas and is an absolute delight, she is inquisitive and unafraid. She has a wonderful personality and should
produce some outstanding kids in the future. Her red color is stunning. I wanted a Kiko doe sired by Triple G & here she is! Arial is well
built with good hooves and parasite resistance. Arial is a twin.
IAD Chocolate Truffle
AKGA registered
100% NZ ancestry
Kidded 01/01/2017
DNA verified
Chocolate brown doe
Chocolate Truffle has been people friendly since she hit the ground. We knew the day she was born that she was a keeper. She is quite a
character with gorgeous chocolate brown coloring and stunning blue eyes. She is a well put together doe with a stocky build. She is one of our
Tejas Bandito/Ja Mocha doelings that we just couldn't sell. Truffle has exibited good growth, with hard hooves and strong parasite resistance.
Truffle is a twin.
Our doe herd in the field
JCP Anna Bell
AKGA registered
100% NZ ancestry
Kidded 06/17/3016
DNA verified
Tan and white doe
Anna Bell is our newest Texas resident. She is sired by BWP Speckles Mojo out of the EHR Son's Bingo daughter, JCP Dena. Our thanks to
John Patton of J-A Ranch in Texas for letting us acquire this nice young doe. She will fit very nicely into our breeding program. She is
exhibiting good growth, strong hooves and parasite resistance. She has an excellent disposition. Anna Bell is a single.
IAD Choc Ola
AKGA registered
100% NZ ancestry
DNA verified
kidded 11/21/2017
IAD Abigale
AKGA registered
100% NZ ancestry
DNA verified
kidded 11/23/2017
IAD Genoeffa
AKGA registered
100% NZ ancestry
DNA verified
kidded 11/20/2017
Dark chocolate doe
Reddish brown doe
Brown and white doe
Choc Ola is a full sister to our doe, Chocolate Truffle. We are partial to these two does dark brown chocolate color. Plus Choc Ola like her
sister Truffle has been people friendly since birth. She has excellent correct conformation and is exhibiting good growth. She will produce
quality kids in the future if we decide to get back into breeding Kiko's again! Choc Ola is a twin.
Abigale is sired by JCP Highroller, a buck bred by Pattons that we brought up from Texas. We also purchased her dam, JCP Chicadee, in Texas, so
Abigale is a product of two Texas Kiko goats. She is a beautiful color and seems to have good hard hooves and good conformation. She is another of
our young does that we feel will produce quality offspring if we decide to raise goats again. Abigale is a twin.
Genoeffa is maturing into a really nice doe. She is sired by JCP Tejas Bandito out of MEW Stella. Stella was a solid black goat and was also our
largest doe. Genoeffa is the only daughter of Stella we kept. Genoeffa is meaty, good natured and should be a good producer of quality kids. She
was a triplet and was her Mom's least favorite so she had to sneak in and get some milk whenever she could, in spite of that she has blossomed and
has exibited good growth.