Our Western Washington Timberlands
IAD Ranch Properties
We own and manage our private forests in western Washington.
Many of our timberlands have been in the family for more than
100 years.

The main product produced on our properties is douglas fir
timber which is a high quality industrial wood for home building
and heavy construction use. It is also highly exported into Asian

Other lesser volume products consist of western red cedar, red
alder, western hemlock and big leaf maple.

We pride ourselves on the use of good management practices.
Management plans include proper thinning, sound harvest
practices, replanting for sustained yield and attention to
environmental standards.

We also work hard to maintain wildlife habitat for local species.

All these photos were taken on our family owned forest lands.
140 year old douglas fir
We think this cat might be a Cougar x Bobcat cross.
Larger than a bobcat with a short tail & no spots.
Bull Elk in 30 year old timber
Cow Elk herd in 5 year old douglas fir
Bull Elk in 15 year old Douglas Fir
Black Bear in 10 year old Douglas Fir
Elk Herd in 30 year old Douglas Fir
Bull Elk in 15 year old Douglas Fir
Black Bear
Blacktail Buck
Bull Elk next to a new Douglas Fir Planting
Blacktail Bucks in a new Douglas Fir Plantng
Bull in Velvet in 30 year old Douglas Fir
5 year old and 30 year old Douglas Fir
40 year old Douglas Fir
140 year old Douglas fir in front, 25
year old Douglas Fir behind
Young barred Owl in a Big Leaf Maple
A bull elk on a foggy morning
on one of our logging roads
Cow elk in the hardwoods
Bull elk in 7 year old douglas fir
Bull elk on a logging road.
Orphan fox that was found by one of our loggers in the
70's. We raised him & gave him to the Portland Zoo, he
was in the movie "Sometimes a Great Notion".
50 Year Old Douglas Fir Timber
A curious bull elk checking out a camera
Two bulls in spring velvet in a high meadow
A pair of coyotes on a night hunt.
Blacktail bucks in the spring
Black bear
All these photo's were all taken on our privately owned Timberlands.
Some pictures were taken by our trail & security cameras, others by us as we patrol
our Forest lands often & usually have a camera along!
Blacktail bucks
Two Blacktail bucks
A big male cougar on one of our logging roads
Buck in wildflowers
Blacktail buck
Bear climbing a fir tree
Black Bear
Blacktail Buck
Blacktail doe and fawn
Blacktail doe and fawn
Black Bear