Our family homestead on one of the
timber properties in the early 1880's.
Our Timberlands have been in the Family for Well Over 100 Years.
These Pictures are of Family and Activities Through the Years
Verdi back in the 50's Yarding a 12 Foot
Diameter Douglas Fir on land that is still our
family owned Timberlands.
Verdi and Elden Buker father & son duo
working side by side in the early 1950's
on the Family Timberlands.
Log Truck and our Relatives in the 1920s,
Floyd and Ray are among them.
Frank and Verdi Buker Racing Down a
Logging Road in a clearcut. Frank on
the grey and Verdi on the bay horse.
Elden Buker Logging Truck in the
Logs Staged for Pickup Along
Ostrander Creek
Verdi Buker sitting on a Huge
Douglas Fir in the 1950s.
Hauling Cut Lumber in the early 1900's
Floyd has the reins and Jesse is behind.
Elden Bukers grader in the 1950's.
Used to improve the logging roads.
Homestead Cabin as it looked in the
Huge log cut cut off of the family
timberland property in the 1950's
Ray Buker was quite an inventor.
This steam powered crosscut saw
was one of his ideas in the 1920s.
Several of our relatives are in this 1936
photo of the Skidder 3 crew at camp 8.