Dyce von Schone Stadt is sired by V Faro
z Neiberku
OFA DM Normal
Faro is a dark sable
Czechoslovakian import. Dyce's dam is
VD Cecilia Frany Greis BH ZVV1 HD/ED 0/0
DM Normal OFA Thyroid & Cardiac Normal,
is a black/tan import from the Czech
Republic. Dyce came to us from Schone
Stadt German Shepherds in Indiana
when she was 8 weeks old. We are
pleased to bring her quality bloodlines
to the Pacific Northwest and feel
privileged to own this beautiful, heavy
boned, working bloodlines female! Dyce
is both loyal and bold, she is a very
confident, sensible female. Her hips are
OFA excellent. Both of her parents are
DM clear.
AKC German Shepherd Male
AKC Registered
OFA Hips/Normal Elbows
DNA on file w/AKC
Whelped 12-08-2010
Weight: 105#
Kaan's Pedigree
Kater Karlo vom Seeblick, "Kaan", was
purchased from Kurt at Kennel Seeblick
in Birmingham, Alabama. Karlos von
der Kinzigau, Kaan's sire, is an
outstanding sable SchH3 German import
with OFA good hips. His dam, Tanja vom
Seeblick is a superior and beautiful
blk/red female out of a line of OFA
good & excellent hips. Tanja is sired by
King (1997) IPO3, SchH3. Kaan is a
quiet, heavy boned, self assured dog
that is both brave and loyal. He has a
great mind, perfect disposition & correct
conformation. We have owned Kater
Karlo since he was 8 weeks old.
Kaan will be retired soon as he will be 9
years old this year.
German Shepherd female
AKC Registered
OFA Hips/Normal Elbows
DM clear thru parentage
DNA on file w/AKC
Whelped 5/7/2015
Solid Black
Weight: 95#
We have bred AKC German Shepherd dogs since 1982. Over the years
some of our pups have gone on to be trained for many disciplines,
including search & rescue, assist dogs for the handicapped, personal
protection dogs, and police K-9 dogs. The bulk of our pups have become
loyal family companions, guardians and loved pets, which is also very
important. Our dogs are sound of mind and body, they are both intelligent,
confident and athletic. We have quality not quanity, as we only own a
select few dogs with excellent pedigrees and phenomenal temperaments.
We offer quality dogs for very reasonable prices.
Our German Shepherds are predominately outside dogs. They have clean large covered kennels with enclosed heated sleeping areas and open
gates out the back that provide 24/7 access to fenced fields with grass & trees to run and play.
We purchased Rita as an 8 week old
puppy from a Rheinhardt Kennels in
Kentucky, who for years bred both a
working line and a show line of German
Shepherds. Rita's litter was the last one of
their working line dogs, now Rheinhardt
breeds exclusively show line dogs. She is
100% working Czech bloodlines. Both of
her sires parents are Czech imports and
her dam is a direct Czech import. Both of
her parents are DM clear and both have
OFA good hips. She is everything that we
were hoping she would be, Xandria is a
stunning girl! She is an excellent
guardian, quiet, confident and extreemly
intelligent. Rita is OFA Good on her hips
and Normal elbows.
German Shepherd female
AKC Registered
OFA Hips/Normal Elbows
DM clear thru parentage
DNA on file w/AKC
Whelped 5/3/2017
Weight: 78#
Kaan's sire:
Karlos von der Kinzigua SchH3
German import
Kaan's dam:
Tanja vom Seeblick
sired by King (1997)
IPO3 SchH3
Dyce's sire:
Faro Z Neiberku IPO3
Czech import
Dyce's dam:
Cecilia Frany Greis Zvv1
Czech import
Alert K9 Taz
Both parents Czech imports
Rita's dam:
Hedr Buranos Lobos
Czech import
German Shepherd female
AKC Registered
DM carrier
DNA on file w/AKC
Whelped 2/28/2018
Weight 86#
Ema Is sired by the well known SchH 3 titled
German imported male Heiko vom
Westrupperland and out of our black female,
Dyce von Schone Stadt. She is undoubtably
Heiko's only producing daughter in existance.
We had a TCI (Transcervical Insemination)
done on Dyce with Heiko's only 2 straws of 14
year old frozen semen. Heiko passed in 2006
& the straws were collected in 2004. There
were only two living pups born out of the
mating, the male pup is with Kurt of Kennel
Seeblick who owned Heiko. Ema and the male
pup, Bliss, are like carbon copies of each
other, very similar in coloring and attitude.
Ema is a large, heavy boned, serious girl,
highly intelligent and very loving and loyal.
We have great expectations for Ema.
Ema's dam:
Dyce von Schone Stadt
Both parents Czech imports
Ema's sire:
Heiko vom Westruper Land
German import, SchH3
Elricco von Grendelhaus has come
to us from Grendelhaus Shepherds
in Texas, he has excellent old
German/Czech bloodlines, including
4-4 linebreeding to Drago Eqidius,
IPO3 SVV1 SchH3 KKL1, one of
Slovakia's greatest and most famous
stud dogs. Ricco is sired by
Cerberus aus dem Tal, BH, IGP2 a
solid black male with OFA Good
hips, normal elbows. Ricco is out of
Heta Zomboch SVV2. 0/0 hips and
elbows, a beautiful titled sable
female that was imported from
Slovakia. Ricco's pedigree contains
many Czech/Sk working Police
German Shepherd male
AKC Registered
DNA on file w/AKC
Whelped 2/07/2019
Tested DM clear
Ricco's dam:
Heta Zomboch SVV2
Imported from Slovakia
Ricco's sire:
Cerberus aus dem Tal
Drago Eqidius
4-4 linebreeding to Ricco
Dyce von Schone Stadt
OFA excellent hips/normal elbows
Xandria von Rheinhardt
OFA good hips/normal elbows
Our female Shepherds OFA Hip X-Rays
Kater Karlo vom Seeblick has been retired