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We always offer a health guarantee an all puppies. Also a hip and elbow guarantee on all pups sold with
full AKC registration and breeding rights. $200 deposit reserves a puppy until weaning.

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On Dec 29th 2017 Dyce was bred by Transcevical Insemination (TCI) with 14 year old frozen semen
from the outstanding male Heiko vom Westruperland. Heiko passed away in 2006 and was the head stud
of Kennel Seeblick. We expected a very small litter, as the TCI was only performed once instead of the
typical 2 times and add to the mix that there was not the volume of sperm needed for a large successful
litter. We had no more semen, the straws we used were the only ones in existance for this male. These are
the last puppies he will ever sire. Three puppies were born on 2/26/2018, 2 females and a male. One of
the females was stillborn but we are blessed with 2 gorgeous puppies! The male is called, Bliss, the female
is named, Ema. Bliss is headed to Kurt of Kennel Seeblick at weaning.
Dyce von Schone Stadt
OFA excellent hips
Normal elbows
Heiko vom Westruperland SchH3 AD
At 10 months he passed his selection test for
dual dog narcotics and patrol. High in
drives and courage. A hard dog with strong
nerves which he passed on to his offspring.
OFA Good hips Normal elbows

Our Heiko/Dyce litter...