Heidi with newborn kid
Heidi and Vasi showing their love for
cousin Randi. Heidi welcomed Randi to
her world by sitting on her! Vasi was a
bit more polite.
Vasi, snuggled up with
some of the young kids.
Heidi with young kids
Heidi is our female LGD, whelped 3/2015. We lost over 10 goats to predators, both coyote & bear, so we decided to get a LGD. Heidi is predominately
Turkish breeding (Kangal & Anatolian), with touch of Great Pyrenees. She is doing a spectacular job watching the goats and chickens. She lives with
them 24/7, she is both smart & people loving. We have not lost any livestock to predators since she has been on the job.

Since we definitely have a problem bear in the area we thought that Heidi needed a partner so we purchased a male pup out of 2 proven LGD's from a
sheep ranch in eastern Washington. The pup is sired by a purebred Anatolian Shepherd out of a 1/2 Anatolian & 1/2 Pyrenees mother. Since he is 75%
Turkish breeding we named him
Samsun after a town in Turkey. Sam now lives at our sons home & is their farm & goat guardian. We have added Heidi's
younger full sister that we have named
, Vasi, which means guardian in Turkish & pronounced Vah-see. Vasi, whelped 11/2015, is out of the same
parents as Heidi so she is also Kangal, Anatolian & GP. Except for having a shorter coat, the new girl is a carbon copy of her older sister, Heidi.

These are working dogs, they live in the barn and pastures with the goats & other livestock. They get attention & treats several times a day when we are
at the barn. A good LGD knows their job, does it well & enjoys it. Heidi has run off coyotes and has also saved our chickens from several eagle & hawk
attacks. Our LGD's are extreemly valuable to us, we can rest assured that they they are always "on the job".

Heidi and Vasi are both 7/16 Kangal, 5/16 Great Pyrenees, and 4/16 Anatolian Shepherd
Samsun is 3/4 Anatolian Shepherd and 1/4 Great Pyrenees
Owned by our son & his family
Vasi, guarding the young kids